You have an idea or an initial offer for schools, students or teachers, but need a little support? 
Then you are exactly right with us! We support you in the implementation of your idea and the development and expansion of your EDU StartUps.

Business Angel


We are an initiative of StartUps for StartUps. The EDUvation was founded by successful Entrepeneurs from the education sector, to pass on their experience and know-how in the field of education to young companies and founders.

All founders and members of EDUvation are industry insiders and education experts. We are excellently connected and always know the right contact person for your challenges, be it in research, in ministries or in publishing houses.



We conduct regular MeetUps for EDU StartUps and founders throughout Germany. There are also special theme and pitch events in our Coworking Space. 
If you are already on the market with your StartUp and have a functioning business model, you can also become a member of EDUvation directly. So if you want to support young and innovative founders and be part of EDUvation yourself, just contact us!


With our coaching program we help you to find the answers to your questions – or to ask the right questions in the first place. 
The education sector is characterized by many peculiarities and peculiarities. All shareholders and members of EDUvation have already successfully set up their StartUp. Therefore, we always have the right experts in our network and can support your startup with words and deeds.


In our Coworking Space in Berlin, the education community meets. Only companies and founders from the education sector work here. No matter if your idea is analogue or digital, here you can meet like-minded people or network with the big companies, associations and foundations. 
(From 2019)


Our incubator program is specially designed for EDU start-ups. In addition to a desk in the coworking space, of course, participation in all events and events for the first year is free. You also receive consulting and coaching services from our experts and are part of our network. As soon as your idea is ready for the market, we also use our sales network for you and help you to find an investor. (From 2018)



EDUvation GmbH
Bahnhofstrasse 33
33602 Bielefeld

Tel.: 0049 (0)5247 9268222 (daily from 08.00 – 12.00 a.m.)



We were able to win well-known personalities as supporters of our idea.
They are not only the EDUvation but also our members with help and advice.

Prof. Peter Wetzel

advisory council

Prof. Peter Wetzel was managing director of the Volk & Wissen publishing house and is optimally networked in the field of education.

Martin Hüppe

advisory council

Martin Hüppe was the managing director of Cornelsen Schulverlage for many years and then took over the management of Ernst Klett Verlag. He was managing director of the Alliance for Education and the association didacta.

Thomas Klocke

advisory council

Thomas Klocke is well-connected through the AVR GmbH publisher of the DIDACTA magazine and in the education sector.

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